[wplug] Trying to go Wireless (w/pennies)

Richard Farina r.farina at adelphia.net
Thu Jun 15 18:05:07 EDT 2006

As this is a linux list, I feel inclined to point out, WRT54G v5.0 uses 
VxWorks, not linux, so.... have fun trying to mod them (you can't)

Go to http://wiki.openwrt.org/TableOfHardware and pick something that 
can run openwrt, otherwise, you will not be doing anything other than 
standard routing and ap.

-Rick Farina

Jonathan S. Billings wrote:
> On Thu, 2006-06-15 at 09:33 -0400, Matthew T. Engel wrote:
>> The problem arises as they are attempting to use the existing campus
>> network
>> to interconnect their wireless routers & ChilliSpot.  The campus
>> network
>> provides its own DHCP, switching services, etc...  The ChilliSpot is
>> intended to provide DHCP services to wireless clients, it is also
>> responding
>> to dhcp requests that should be answered by the campus DHCP server. 
> It sounds like what's happening is that the DHCP server is listening for
> DHCP requests on both the wired and wireless interface.  There should be
> a way to configure the software to only answer requests on the wireless
> interface.  I'm not familiar with ChilliSpot, but my 5 minute glance at
> the documentation leads me to think that you can specify a dhcp
> interface in the chilli.conf config file.

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