[wplug] OT: Risk management (helmet laws)

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Well bikes on side walks in Business districts by any one over the age
of 13 is illegal, the rest (although very stupid and dangerous) is sadly
legal.  Ok I will admit I am such a bore I read the PA state code about

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Yeah and many of said bicyclists won' even beep or ring a bell or even
have the common courtesy to say "excuse me" or "coming through", and
as a pedestrian I'm damn sick of it ! So many times I've almost been
run into or not knocked into by some fool kid riding their bike on the
sidewalk. Time to start clotheslining people!
Bicycling on the sidewalk is breaking the law, period. But I've seen
cops drive by as it happens and they could care less.


On 6/13/06, Doug Green <diego96 at mac.com> wrote:
> That's such a Pittsburgh Comment that I don't even know where to
start. How
> about with the fact that THEY HAVE THE RIGHT OF WAY?? Consider you and
> car a guest on HIS street. Bicyclists in THIS CITY use the sidewalk
> it's UNSAFE to drive on a road with no bike lane. I agree that running
a red
> is just pain stupid.
> This is one of the most "bicycle unfriendly" cities in the US. Weather
> aside, road conditions aside, lack of bicycle lanes aside, the drivers
> just plain suck. I don't fault a guy on a bicycle to do whatever he
needs to
> do to be safe in this town.
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