[wplug] OT: Risk management (helmet laws)

Zach netrek at gmail.com
Tue Jun 13 18:50:37 EDT 2006

As a non-driving pedestrian the amount of crap you drivers have to put
up with is secondary to the sheer lunacy I've experienced as a law
abiding pedestrian who crosses only at lights, waits for green light
etc. I am sick of it. Get a clue drivers. It's
far too easy to get and keep a driver's license. People act like it is
a Constitutional right. I could rant on and on about crap I've
witnessed/experienced over the years as a pedestrian in Pittsburgh.
And by far women drivers and especially elderly drivers and the
Starbucks in one hand/cell phone in the next type yuppie drivers are
the most self-absorbed, clueless and dangerous! Then there's the issue
of drivers habitually not yielding to pedestrians, and I'm not talking
about jay walking, but rather people who are crossing at marked
crosswalks with lights flashing and that noise beeping as it flashes
"WALK"! Some drivers have no clue at all. I also like how drivers will
ACCELERATE as they approach a pedestrian crossing What the heck is
that? Take an anger management class you crazy sublimated nuts who do
that. Then there's the shouting at pedestrians as you drive by. Very
few people would try to say anything to my face but in a car they
think they're Steven Segal.


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