[wplug] OT: Risk management (helmet laws)

Drew from Zhrodague drew at zhrodague.net
Tue Jun 13 11:35:13 EDT 2006

> I will say, there should be a yearly drivers test for EVERY ONE, if you
> can not pass it then you lose your license, yes I know about 90% of the
> people on the road would lose their licenses, but they should.  I can
> not tell you how many times I have been "buzzed" by people in their
> cars.  On Sunday on my bike ride up to Squire hill, I got "buzzed" by
> some stupid teens in a car, as I pulled up behind them at a light, they
> started to scream out of the car, get the F*** away from my car.  I
> decided at that point to take a picture of their license plate, I will
> be soon posting that to my web site with other plates of bad drivers
> that came close to killing me on my bicycle.

 	Total agreement. Testing every year, and a much harder test. There 
are so many people that should NOT be on the road in any vehicle. Let them 
cry about not being able to get to work for a whole year.

 	Also, please use a muffler on your cycle. Nothing says "I'm an big 
dumb asshole" like driving a bike without a muffler. Of course, I'm a 
SoSider, so I extremely hate it when people come from the suburbs, sit in 
front of my house and generate ungodly ammounts of noise for no purpose.


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