[wplug] OT: Risk management (helmet laws)

Doug Green diego96 at mac.com
Tue Jun 13 11:24:02 EDT 2006

There is a
> neurophysiology element to risk-taking, which is probably why you see
> such bone-headed behavior on the roads, rather than an attempt at self-
> and cultural-improvement.  In today's jaded culture, there aren't many
> new frontiers to explore, and it takes 12+ years of education or
> training to be a scientist or astronaut.  Riding a motorcycle is a
> "quick fix."
> In my opinion, if you want to get a rush of excitement, and risk getting
> yourself killed, join the military, go to the middle-east.  You'll be
> saving people's lives probably, rather than wasting your own.


Come on man- this is a MASSIVE generalization. I think you need to
reconsider your words and your attitude towards motorcyclists.

I hold TWO doctorate degrees. I'm a practicing physician, hold a PhD in
Cellular and Molecular Neuropathology, and am an NIH funded researcher. And
I ride a motorcycle!

"Self and cultural improvement"?! Maybe you should start by recognizing your
own prejudices! 

Your generalization doesn't hold water, and is simply not true.

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