[wplug] OT: Risk management (helmet laws)

O'Connor, Michael P. mpoconnor at switch.com
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Law or no law, it is stupid to go with out a helmet, it not a question
of if you will be hit, but a question of when.  Just my thoughts.

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On Monday 12 June 2006 18:16, Michael Semcheski wrote:
> Zach wrote:
> > nor why the idiotic Pennsylvania state legislature made it legal to
> > ride without a helmet 2 years ago...
> I remember when this bill was up for adoption.  Its not something that
> affects everyone, so there weren't a ton of opinions out on it.
> The two most prominent groups that came out to voice themselves on
> bill were... a pro-motorcycle group.  I don't remember what they were
> called, but it was a bunch of motorcyclists who didn't want to wear
> helmets.  The other group was vehemently opposed to the bill, and I
> can't remember exactly what they were called.  They were made up of
> trauma surgeons.
> Mike
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I wonder... do people claim that helmets cause more accidents, for

If so, and stipulating that they're right, is decreasing the level of 
incidents (not requiring a helmet) worth the increased severity of 


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