[wplug] This is why Wi-Fi - Pittsburgh Tribune-Review Editorial

Philip Reiche Philip.Reiche at pl.netl.doe.gov
Mon Jun 12 19:05:10 EDT 2006

>>> netrek at gmail.com 06/12/06 5:51 PM >>>
Thought the list would find this interesting. Praying for Big Ben [1].
I can't fathom why he refuses to wear a helemt if he insists on riding
dangerous motorcycles, nor why the Steelers didn't put a no-motorcycle
clause in his contract, nor why the idiotic Pennsylvania state
legislature made it legal to ride without a helmet 2 years ago, and at
the same time they raised speed limit from 55 to 65mph even though it
was proven by experts this would result in more deaths! Ugh!



I thought it interesting that another guy who hit a jersey barrier
outside the Sq Hill Tunnels this morning doing about 130 mph had a
helmet and lived. 

Helmets are a great idea. I'm here cuz I was wearing one 25 years ago.

Not sure I want govt to mandate them though, the logical progression
worries me.

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