[wplug] Linux on a G4 iBook

Michael P. O'Connor mpop at MikeOConnor.net
Sun Jun 4 16:18:03 EDT 2006

Ok I been having more problems with OS X then I care admit.  And I am
thinking of blasting my iBook's hard drive and putting Linux on it.  The
iBook is a good candidate to just blast the whole drive, I have not
files on it that are not backed up else where, and the iBook freezes on
boot up.  So if I can get it to get Linux on it, I will save the iBook.
So I am looking for advice, on 1) which distro would be good 2)
differences between Linux on a x86 (pc) and a PPC (G4) 3) will the
devices be the same as I am use to in the x86 world 4) any other
pointers you might want to put out there that might help.
Michael P. O'Connor
mpop at mikeoconnor.net

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