[wplug] [wplug-announce] Just Ask WPLUG, your questions needed now.

Beth Lynn bethlynn at wplug.org
Sat Jun 3 16:25:04 EDT 2006


Do you have a question you have a burning urge to ask a local open source 
guru? Well, here's your chance.

Just Ask WPLUG

Please ask any question on any topic relating to open source or UNIX by 
midnight on Monday June 5. Your question will be assigned to a local guru 
who will answer your question during the meeting on Saturday June 10. This 
allows us time to assign your question to a guru and research your 
question. The questions and the schedule will be announced on Wednesday 

To ask your question, please submit it by email to gurus at wplug.org

To recap, here are the important details:
When and where is the "Just Ask WPLUG meeting"?
 	Saturday June 10, 10am-2pm at Carnegie Mellon University, Newell Simon Hall 3002
How do I submit a question for "Just Ask WPLUG?"
 	send mail to gurus at wplug.org by Monday June 5 at midnight
Which questions have been asked? Who is fielding my question?
 	this will be announced on Wednesday evening
Who can ask a question?
 	anyone with an email address, but to receive your answer please
 	arrange to be present at the June 10 meeting.
What can you ask about...
* New user questions. No question too simple. Just ask!
* You may ask about hardware but please don't ask about uncommon 
or obsolete hardware because we don't have access to it.
ie How do I configure an Nvidia card with X.org? == OK
Questions about a specific model of a tape drive, digital camera, or 
dot-matrix printer == NOT OK
* You may ask about Unix history, WPLUG history, or future for that 
* Questions that you'd like an expert opinion. The key word here is 
* Linux questions:Redhat-based/Debian-based/None of the above
* BSD questions

Hope to see your questions. See you there on June 10.

Beth Lynn Eicher
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