[wplug] VNC cut-n-paste (was: rdesktop slowing down xfree86)

Vanco, Don don.vanco at agilysys.com
Fri Feb 4 09:11:10 EST 2005

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>On Friday 04 February 2005 15:04, Vanco, Don wrote:
>> Alex - do you use blackbox as you WM? 
>Er, no.
>> If so - is there a fix / KB 
>> def, whatever to get cut-n-paste to work?  I've not needed it too
>> often (hence my lack of initiative to solve) but figgered I'd ask
>> based on your comment above..  Is there a better (skinny) WM to run? 
>> I just started using blackbox years ago and have not deviated since
>Cut-n-paste works fine on KDE, which is quite skinny depending on how 
>you look at it (e.g. on a dual opteron it won't feel too bloaty I 
>I just tried XFCE4, cut-n-paste to a M$ machine works fine too.
Thanks - I'll take a look.

skinny = me on dial-up.  KDE will kill you.


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