[wplug] Grub - Windows Drive arrangements.....

Coutch, Robert Robert_E_Coutch at tvratings.com
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Windows doesn't normally recognize any partitions not marked as DOS or
Windows types or formatted with

I'm guessing you did NOT format your Linux partition as FAT/VFAT/NTFS so
check the partition type
with fdisk, cfdisk or parted and make sure it's a Linux type (0x83).

Good Luck,


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My new installation of RH 8.0 w/ Grub as the bootloader caused some 
strange mapping of my drives in windows.  RH is on a 16 gig IDE Drive 
and Winblows is on an old 4 gig SCSI HD. The CD Rom drives are located 
at SCSI ID's of 0,2,0 and 0,4,0 in the parlance of Linux SCSI addressing.

Below is the 'DOS' section of my grub.conf file.  The default install of 
grub did not include the two lines that start with 'map' to change the 
virtual mapping of the two hard drives so that Windows sees the SCSI 
Hard drive as the first hard drive.

title DOS
        rootnoverify (hd1,0)
        chainloader +1
        map (hd0) (hd1)
        map (hd1) (hd0)

Now to the problem:  In Windows, the only recognized hard drive was the 
Windows SCSI drive as C: and it's second Partition as D:.  The CDROMs 
were E: and F:.  In the past using LILO with older distro's, LILO's 
mapping did not disurb the layout of Windows drive naming scheme. 
 Previously, with LILO in Windows, the Linux Hard drive was no where to 
be found(as is should be).

With the new Grub install.  What I assume to be the Linux hard drive now 
shows up as D: although it is not accessable.  The second partition of 
the Windows SCSI gets shuffled down to E: and the CDROM drives are now 
F: and G:.  This messes up any shared folders I had and numerous 
configuration files.

I think the difference is that the bootloader is installed on the Linux 
drive MBR instead of the SCSI MBR as I believe it was in the past.  

Does this sound like the cause?  

I just have to figure out how to get grub to install it's bootloader on 
the SCSI MBR.  

Will have to dig for The Fine Manual.



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