[wplug] LILO/GRUB

Gonffen gonffen at gonffen.cjb.net
Wed Dec 18 16:15:35 EST 2002

I was wondering if it was possible to install Lilo of Grub on a system
that was currently running WIN XP.  If it is possible where would you
get Lilo or Grub to install them.  I am wondering this because I think
the last time I tried installing Linux on the system...(it failed)  I
think something went wrong with installing Lilo and was trying to find
out if it was went wrong and if so if there was a way around it.
Personally I wouldn't mind just leaving the boot loader that comes with
Windoze in place... but I don't know if or how it would be done.  If
anyone has any idea on how this would work please reply.  THX.

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