[wplug] kernel not loading after partitioning hard drive

John Harrold jmh17 at pitt.edu
Wed Dec 18 13:40:50 EST 2002

Sometime in December Paul Cantalupo assaulted the keyboard and produced:

| Hello,
| I am just repartitioned my hard drive with Partition Magic 7.0. I have a
| Windows partition and several Linux partitions. After reboot, LILO pops
| up with a choice (as usual) of Windows or 2 linux kernels. One of my
| kernels (the original one) works but when I select the other (I use this
| kernel for NTFS support), it hangs during loading. It literally stops
| with "Loading........................" displayed on the screen.
| Is my kernel corrupted from the partitioning? If so, how much more of my
| hard drive could be corrupted? Any chance of recovery beside using my
| non-existent backup CD?  :(
| Thanks for your help,

hey paul.

i had a similar problem on redhat 7.3. after i changed the size of the
partitions, i had to boot off a rescue disc, chroot to the correct root
partition for my box, rerun grub-install. perhaps you can do the same and
rerun lilo. it seemed to fix my problems.

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