[wplug] Using cdrecord

harrold at sage.che.pitt.edu harrold at sage.che.pitt.edu
Wed Oct 24 10:20:24 EDT 2001

Sometime in October Procario, Michael assaulted keyboard and produced...

|cdrecord thinks everything is fine. It tells me that it has successfully
|finished. I am at work so I cannot look up the model of the burner, but I
|know the burner works fine for me when I use xcdroast. I think I must be
|missing a needed option to cdrecord.

i dont know if xcdroast uses cdrecord as it's backend. xcdroast has been
around for a long time. most of the other gui's came about long after cdrecord
so they are just front ends for the commandline thing. i thought cdrecord
might have specific issues your model specifically. no real justification for
this i just thought it would be worth looking at.

i'm not sure why it wouldnt do this by default, but you might want to make
sure the session is being closed. also try using the dao option.

-dirt it's what we die for.

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