[wplug] OSGi, Java and Linux in Home Automation

David Ostroske eksortso at linuxmail.org
Fri Nov 30 23:36:19 EST 2001


Well, personally, I wasn't looking to do anything in 
my home. Your setup does sound pretty cool. Are you 
using Linux to run it?

Hey, that would make a great presentation for a 
future GUM, if you're interested in giving one.

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Subject: Re: [wplug] OSGi, Java and Linux in Home 

> > Does anyone know more about home automation? 
> > done it?
> Depends on what kind of HA you're talking about.  
I've been fooling around with
> various things for a bit now (things like lights, 
motion sensors, cameras).  I
> can control it via the phone (touch tone), network 
and email (and a WAP phone if
> I had one).
> What sort of things were you looking to do?
> Kevin
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