[wplug] CD-RW suddenly stopped working

Beth Skwarecki skwareea at screech.cs.alfred.edu
Fri Nov 30 14:16:12 EST 2001

> From: "Duncan Hutty" <dunxster at home.com>
> <sacrilege> Try it under Windoze</sacrilege>

uh, don't you need a copy of Windows for that? :-)

Will find a way to try it anyway.

> From: Zach Paine <zman at wplug.org>
> I've had similar experiences recently, and my conclusions is that ide
> Sucks (tm).  I would suggest first upgrading to a 2.4 kernel, and if the
> problems persist, search google with the error you get.  There will
> probably be some conversation of interest to you that occured on one of
> the kernel mailing lists.  I did this and found out a good deal about my
> crappy via ide chipset.

I *am* using a 2.4 kernel (2.4.14). 

apparently there are people in my situation getting similar errors, of
unknown cause (on a general SuSE list), with two major differences:

1) they have it as an intermittent problem (like 1 in 10 boots). I went from
always working to never working.
2) my computer doesn't recognize the drive AT ALL, except to say it's "type
unknown". These other people always have some information about the drive
(vendor, etc) printed out amongst the error messages. None of that for me. 

thanks for the help so far

Beth Skwarecki

Apathy Club meeting this Friday.  If you want to come, you're not invited.

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