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Zach Paine zman at wplug.org
Mon Nov 26 16:18:10 EST 2001

This coming Saturday, December 1 2001, the Western Pennsylvania Linux 
Users Group will be hosting its monthly General User Meeting in Carnege Mellon UUniversity's Newel-Simon Hall, room #1507.  Please come by between 10am and 2pm and enjoy the geek atmosphere and partake in some linux oriented conversation.  

In addition, I (Zach Paine) will be giving a presentation on the
power that is LyX.  For those who don't know, according to www.lyx.org:

	LyX is an advanced open source document processor running on
	many Unix platforms (including MacOS X), OS/2, and under
	Windows/Cygwin.  Unlike standard word processors, LyX encourages
	an approach to writing based on the structure of your documents,
	not their appearance. LyX lets you concentrate on writing,
	leaving details of visual layout to the software. 

	LyX produces high quality, professional output -- using LaTeX,
	an industrial strength typesetting engine, in the background;
	LyX is far more than a front-end to LaTeX, however. No knowledge
	of LaTeX is necessary to use LyX, although it will give a user
	more power. 

I will give a short tutorial and show some papers and labs I have
prepared using it.

I will begin at 11am, so if you're interested in my presentation arrive
before then.  I suspect that with questions, and tangents, the talk will
last about 45 minutes.

Directions to CMU and to Newel-Simon Hall are available on
wplug's website (http://www.wplug.org/meetings).

Hope to see you there!

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