[wplug] Minidisc and Linux

harrold at sage.che.pitt.edu harrold at sage.che.pitt.edu
Tue Nov 20 14:53:31 EST 2001

Sometime in November J Aaron Farr assaulted keyboard and produced...

|Has anyone here ever been able to download music from Linux to a minidisc 
|recorder?  I've got a Sony minidisc recorder with all the PC-Link USB cables 
|and whatnot.  I'm just not sure how to record to the USB device.
|Moreover, does anyone have any suggestions as to what media player/recorder 
|program to use for this kind of recording?
normally i just plug the output of my soundcard into the input of my md
recorder. thats probably the best you can do unless your soundcard has a
digital out. most md recorders will have a digital input in the form of an
optical connection. from reading you can get soundcards with optical outputs
which you can use to send the songs to the md. this reduces the added noise
created by the digital to analog --> analog to digital conversion. it's been a
while but when i was looking into getting a soundcard for such a purpose i
found alot of info on the alsa list serv. from what i remember there was one
with a trident chipset for about $70 that people were  using for this purpose.
it was a couple of years ago so it should be better by now.
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