[wplug] New WPLUG member

David Gerard Matthews Jr. dgm4+ at pitt.edu
Sun Nov 18 10:16:46 EST 2001

At risk of sounding too conventional, what's wrong with Linus?  Or
Torvalds?  (Yes, there are probably penguins adopted by LUGs with names
like that all over the world, I know...)

Mark Dalrymple wrote:
> > How about naming it Monkeybot? If anyone says it
> > can't be a monkey bot, we'll say, "But it is. It's
> > just incognito!"
> I like Monkeybot too.  It's uniquely wplug, and it's weird enough to
> reflect the off-kilter sense of humor of many of the wpluggers I know.
> ++Mark Dalrymple, markd at badgertronics.com.  http://badgertronics.com
>   "Anywho, wplug is really a monarchy anyways, with monkeybot
>    on the throne."
>     -- zman
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