[wplug] Red Hat Catch-22?

Weber, Larry A laweber at switch.com
Wed Nov 14 13:12:28 EST 2001

I recently tried to upgrade a stand-alone embedded development station from
Red Hat 7.1 to 7.2.  The upgrade (anaconda) failed and left me with an
unbootable system.  I then did a clean install of 7.2 which went fine, at
least so I thought.  After the install the system will not read its CDROM
drive.  I check Red Hat's FAQ list and found that this is indeed a kernel
problem and they have patches (they have lots and lots of patches for 7.2
already).  However, the patches are each larger than a floppy, 6 Meg+.  So
the only way I can get them to the PC is via the CD that doesn't work
(system is not connected to network and does not need a modem).  Back to


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