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Tue Nov 13 19:05:31 EST 2001

It should also be on the little yellow recipt they gave you. At least it was 
on mine.

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>Subject: [wplug] Re: Cable Modem
>Date: Sun, 11 Nov 2001 16:54:35 -0500
> > Has anybody had experience setting up cable modem internet service from 
> > Broadband using their RCA modem provided & NIC?
>Have one myself, I bought the NIC before they came to install, it's a 
>DFE-530TX+, and I used their cable modem at first which wasn't an RCA but
>purchased my own about 8 months ago.  I do have a static IP though, if you
>complain enough they will give it to you.
>The cable modem is setup just like a router, it's the gateway on the 
>setup in RH 7.1. You just put the ip # of the cable modem in as the 
>gateway. The
>NIC gets your IP#, or machine IP number they gave you or assigned to you, 
>the name they assigned to that ip#. Your subnet mask will be 
>  In
>/etc/resolv.conf you place their nameservers, such as:
>domain xxxxxx.xxx
>search xxxxxx.xxx donora1.pa.home.com
>The x'd section above is an internal network I have (you don't need to know
>that), and the reason it looks at local first is for the internal network. 
>also run DNS for the internal. The rest would be what you need for their
> > RH 7.1.
> > I am able to ping the ip address that is their gateway, so I am assuming
> > that there is some authentication process that needs to be configured. I 
> > not even sure about hostname.
>To get your name and ip#, as they probably set this up with DHCP, setup a
>windows machine which you may have already. Go to Start, Run, and type 
>When the box pops up, click on "More Info", and it will give you all the 
>you need. In the DNS Servers line, if you click on the box next to it with 
>... it will show the DNS servers to you. I don't advise using their proxy 
>though, it slows you down.
> > Thanks in advance,
> >
> > Duncan Hutty
> > dunxster at home.com
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