[wplug] new guideline for videos at gums and installfests

Reany, Burt breany at trigon.com
Tue Nov 13 15:03:38 EST 2001


  I really don't think that this was personal enough to merit a rebuttal. As
individuals living in the US, it's our option - or should I say
responsibility -
to complain whenever we feel that the rights of others are overflowing into 
our rights. IMHO, keeping the pezzonovante 90 calibres off of our backs is
a worthwhile undertaking. Any exceptional group like WPLUG has members
that occasionally overlook the boundaries of the stolid, attracting
attention in
not-necessarily-the-most-desirable way - getting an occasional reality check
can save lots of easily-avoided conflict AND exasperation.
  Thanks for taking the time and effort to play Wendy to our Lost Boys.

  Burt R.

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> Hi,
> I think it's only fair that I rebut some of the
> issues came up in response.
> #1 I am trying my best, in the interest of wplug
> staying at CMU in particular at NSH 1507, to make
> sure nothing jeopardizes our status for staying
> there. If any major problems where to arrise at
> a wplug meeting, I would have to answer to folks
> back at CMU. Therefore, I don't like it but 
> sometimes I have to set rules for the room so that
> things don't get out of control and minor incidents
> don't repeat themselves turning into a much larger
> problem. If WPLUG were to find some other place to
> meet, then the person(s) in charge of that meeting
> place can set guidelines however they feel 
> appropriate.
> #2 I'm not saying no more "R" movies. I'm not saying
> no more movies. I'm not saying we have to watch only
> Barney and Friends at wplug meetings.
> All I'm saying is just give some notice if you want
> to show that kind of movie. Just give someone a chance
> to say "I'm planning on bringing my 5 year old to
> the meeting and I'd rather not let him/her see that
> movie" or "I don't want to see that movie since that
> goes against my values" Just give a little warning if
> it's the kind of movie that "viewer discression is
> advised" If one person finds content objectionable,
> then their rights are infringed upon.
> #3 I wanted to make it clear that there is to be no
> pornography. Maybe it should go without saying but
> the movie shown last installfest either crossed that
> line or at least came very close.
> #4 If WPLUG wants to accept, not accept, alter,
> reconstruct, or ammend this policy, then please
> let the discussion begin on wplug-plan.
> The guideline I posted was meant to be just a
> guideline which I will use until policy is accepted
> or until I no longer host the meeting space
> (whichever comes first).
> The reason why I did not post first to the plan list
> was I wanted the general body to know that something
> is being done about it if they found something 
> offensive last Saturday.
> #5 The fact is there are attendees and members of
> wplug that are minors. If a parent came to pick up
> their child and saw I movie being played that they
> do not approve of, the parent could (rightfully so)
> blame myself and wplug. As for the members who are
> 16 or 17, I assume that they have come to an
> understanding with their parents, that's not who I'm
> really talking about. It is the members/attendees
> 15 and younger. 
> #6 For the sake of the image of WPLUG, I hope that
> some sort of policy along these lines is approved.
> I apologize if I "stepped on anyone's toes" by
> making it seem like I was announcing final policy.
> I do not want WPLUG to be a dictatorship and I
> definitely do not want to be a dictator. I am just
> one person and I need help.
> #7 I feel responsible for allowing the movie that
> was played at the last installfest. It isn't 
> necessarily the fault of the person who brought
> the movie since he asked if he could play that movie
> and I said it was ok. I was going on a trust of
> general common sense. In heinsight <sp?>, I should
> have
> questioned the content before allowing the movie
> to be played.  My personal apologies to anyone 
> who was offended. Therefore let us not flame the
> person who brought in the movie, if there's anyone
> to be flamed, it is me.
> Thanks,
> Beth Lynn
> > > (Lots of deletions).

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