[wplug] new guideline for videos at gums and installfests

harrold at sage.che.pitt.edu harrold at sage.che.pitt.edu
Tue Nov 13 15:02:28 EST 2001

Sometime in November David Ostroske assaulted keyboard and produced...

|Beth did secure the room for us. She also provides the carts (though there are
|other WPLUG members who work for CMU who would be equally responsible).

while there were others there with access to the room we were using, normally
someone signes up for the room. that person is normally held responsible.
perhaps she was more concerned with adverse effects towards her and not
concerned that others would be responsible too.

|She *is* a Board member, I believe. If we were to establish a Code of Conduct,
|the matter would have to agreed upon by the Board.
|What I don't want to have happen is to set up a Code of Conduct when it isn't
|necessary. Someone goofed, they brought an inappropriate video. (Not me, I
|didn't bring the video, which you seemed to suggest.) It would be wiser, IMO,

sorry if you felt as though i was accusing you of bringing it-that was not my
intent. i didnt see much of the film, since i was speaking with someone at
the time. given my personality, i probably wouldnt have cared one way or the

|If it were codified, the procedure would be censorship. Who would decide if an
|R-rated film is appropriate? I'd rather talk these things out than make a
|hard, fast rule, arbitrated without consideration of others.

two groups are represented in this case: wplug and cmu. 

when the lug looks bad this reflects on the group as a whole and yes standards
would have to be sorted out by the board. 

when something offensive occurs at cmu, it can reflect poorly on the
department, school, whatever. this can have direct effects on those who
represent the school-the person(s) who are allowing us to be there. in this
case the standards can be set in what may seem to be arbitrary to you or i.

i dont know if beth was suggesting or setting policy. i also dont know which
organization she was representing when she made the post. perhaps she would
care to clarify. cmu, or the department whos facilities we use, might already
have a policy in place for this situation.

|Is your .sig offensive? Who would decide?

i don't know, which imaginary friend do you believe in? i'm a big fan of 'tod'
while i have a friend who really favors 'wonko the great'.

kitten the other white meat.

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