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Tue Nov 13 11:15:35 EST 2001

Sometime in November Weber, Larry A assaulted keyboard and produced...

|I just tried to upgrade my Red Hat installation from Version 7.1 to 7.2.  I
|know of several people who have done this successfully, but not me.  The
|upgrade changed the file systems from ext2 to ext3 and then later crashed.
|I exited the installation but the file systems were not restored and I could
|not reboot 7.1.
|So I did a clean installation of 7.2 from CD.  After completing the
|installation and rebooting, I find I cannot mount my CDROM (the same one
|that I used for the installation).  The error message tells me that the
|CDROM is not a valid block device.  What does this mean and how is it fixed?

is it possible that your cdrom relies on a kernel module that has not been
loaded? can you provide some more information about the devices in your
computer: what device is your cdrom? is it possible that /dev/cdrom is a sym
link to some device other than your actual cdrom device?

|This installation will be used for cross platform embedded system
|development and will not be connected to a network.  Are there applicaitons
|that can be shutdown (like sendmail) that will improve system performance?
|If so how is this done?

as far as what daemons (services) are started at boot time see this post:

so make sure that everything you dont need in the directory '/etc/rc#.d/'
begins with a K.  

to stop a daemon manually the following generally works:

$/etc/init.d/daemon stop

so for sendmail you can run:
$/etc/init.d/sendmail stop

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