[wplug] Mini-ISOs for Debian

mdanish at andrew.cmu.edu mdanish at andrew.cmu.edu
Sat Nov 10 00:03:14 EST 2001

(I don't know why this never made it to the mailing list, I never received
confirmation.  If this appears twice, I apologize.):

Courtesy of http://markybobdeb.sourceforge.net/elf/, I have obtained ISOs       for a 32MB Debian network installation CD.  Beats juggling 3-4 floppies, that's for sure.  Fits on a business-card-sized CD as well ;)                                                                                                          Debian 2.2r4 and 2.2r3 netinst ISOs are available with the other CD images      at: ftp://debian.res.cmu.edu/debian-cd/                                                                                                                         ( i386 only, sorry :( )              

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