[wplug] ppp/laptop problem

Scott F. Kiesling kiesling+ at pitt.edu
Mon Nov 5 07:42:19 EST 2001

On Friday 02 November 2001 15:40, you wrote:
> Sounds like the drivers aren't being loaded for your card.  Did you check
> to make sure pcmcia-cs supports this Xircom?  And that it's not a winmodem?
> Often the non-ISA modems are winmodems :/
> http://pcmcia-cs.sourceforge.net/ or so might be a place to start

Well the card -- the same card -- works for ethernet. Isn't it just one 
pcmcia driver, or is there a separate driver for the ethnernet and ppp? 
So it seems like the driver is working (and in a previous debian incarnation 
-- don't ask -- the ppp did work). And I did check the support.

Would it help to recompile the kernel making sure that the right driver is 

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