[wplug] G550 problems

Rich Rosenbaum rrosenbaum at dmralliance.com
Sun Nov 4 14:31:23 EST 2001

Hi all,

I just built my first machine from scratch (it wasn't toooooooo bad).
The pertinant stuff is, Abit KT7A, Matrox G550, AMD 950, RedHat 7.1.

I installed the drivers per Matrox's instructions. I also installer
their Powerdesk app per their instructions. Xconf has major
problems...doesn't see the card. I can choose the G450 (but it looks
like crap).

If I try to start mgapdesk I get Gtk-WARNING **: cannot open display.

I looked through all of MAtrox's Linux forum......I didn't see much that
I could understand let alone help.

Any ideas of where to start?

-- thanks in advance...Rich

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