[wplug] [wplug-announce] Reminder: GUM Tommorrow!

Zach Paine zman at wplug.org
Fri Nov 2 18:47:48 EST 2001


This is a reminder announcement. There is a GUM tommorrow, Saturday
November 3, 2001.  Here is the original announcement:

 	This coming Saturday, November 3 2001, the Western Pennsylvania Linux
 	Users Group will be hosting it's monthly General User Meeting in 
 	Carnegie Mellon University's Newel-Simon Hall, room #1507.  Feel free 
 	to stop by between 10am and 2pm to chat with fellow Linux users, get 
 	advice, and have a generally good time.
 	In addition, David Matthews (no, not of Dave Matthews Band fame) is
 	scheduled to give a talk on sound editing under Linux.  Here is a
 	quick outline of what David will talk about:
 	1. Available software for sound editing (Snd, DAP, ecasound, BC2000,            
 	GLAME) and projects in the works (ardour, GSMP).                                
 	2. Optimizing your system for effective sound editing and low-latency           
 	(drivers, kernel tweaks, etc.)                                                  
 	3. Mini-overview of a sound editor                                            
 	4. Resources for info on Linux audio (websites, lists, books, etc.) 
 	We will also try to have the talk will be recorded and posted to the 
 	Directions to CMU and to Newel-Simon hall are available on wplug's
 	website (http://www.wplug.org/meetings)
 	Hope to see you there!
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