[wplug] Setup team

Evan DiBiase edibiase at mac.com
Fri Nov 2 16:38:49 EST 2001

I hope I am not the cause of this confusion :-) I will be early at both 
the installfest and the meeting; I had simply misread Brian's message as 
being about the GUM as opposed to the installfest.


On Friday, November 2, 2001, at 04:03 PM, Beth Lynn wrote:

> Hi,
> There has been much confusion over the meeting this
> weekend. Since it is the first Saturday of the month
> we have a GUM. Since we have two talks this week, we
> will not default to installfest activities. I'm sure
> those who did prepare at talk put alot of work into
> it and it would be a shame if they were ignored
> because people are busy doing stuff online.
> Don't worry, there is to be an installfest on November
> 10th. Tomorrow is the 3rd. Please be considerate
> of those who are giving talks this week.
> If the people who are giving talks at the gum need
> any setup considerations (including a lan), it will
> be accommodated, just ask.
> The meeting will start at 10am. Those who want to
> help out, please contact myself and or Brian and show
> up early. (That means if you show up early you will
> be recruited to help)
> Thanks,
> Beth Lynn
> --- Brian Sammon <brians at cs.cmu.edu> wrote:
>> I'll be arriving at the installfest an hour early (I
>> forget--do we start
>> at 10 or 11?) to set up.  Assistance would be
>> greatly appreciated.  Please
>> reply to me if you're interested in helping out so
>> we can coordinate
>> ourselves and exchange phone numbers.
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