[wplug] Realtek 8139 PCI card

Doug Green doug.green at verizon.net
Sun Apr 8 15:04:14 EDT 2001

My diagnosis: a) you definitely have a P&P bios that is turned on b) if you 
figure out how to turn it off, life will be good again. 

I had to look under advanced configurations to find my P&P bios setting. 
Sometimes this is listed under an OS setting, or similar. Oh, and by the way, 
P&P was basically made with Windows in mind, so you will not have resource 
conflicts under windows... I bet your card works fine if you boot into 

You MUST have the hostname "localhost"
You MUST have the domain "localdomain"
You can add more later to identify your computer as something else (like 
"computername" as an alias to localhost). Look under linuxconf help menus for 
adding additional adaptors. 

To keep things simple, don't enter an I/O or IRQ yet. Routing and gateways 
only apply if you are using routing and gateways... same with NIS.

Again- I am completely convinced that you have P&P enabled in your bios. Find 
it, and disable it somehow (off, disabled, unselected.. .whatever). Messing 
with your other settings can only complicate things at this point. Worry 
about that after you have an ethernet. 

If you want to test my theory, go see if your card works under Windows. If it 
does work under Windows, then your problem is more than likely P&P in the 


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