[wplug-plan] Virtual Hosting

Michael H. Semcheski mhsemcheski at gmail.com
Sat Jun 16 10:27:36 EDT 2007


The internet comiittee met last night to determine how we would reduce
our dependencies on individual contributors and donations for internet
services.  That is, how to not rely on CMU.  The upside to CMU's
hosting is that it doesn't require us to outlay cash each month for
service.  The downside is that they are quick to shut us off if they
get (inaccurate) reports of abuse.

The decision the Internet Committee came to was this.  Linode.com
provides virtual hosting.  We get a root account on a virtual machine
for a price within our budget.  Next Friday, we will open an account
with Linode.

Upon opening our account and getting service, we will immediately
setup the system and copy services over.  We have a 7 day trial period
with Linode, so for the first seven days we hammer it.  If we don't
like it, we'll go elsewhere.  If we do like it, we'll transition ALL
services to it.

There are some details to work out, such as who will sign up and how
the service will be paid for.  We can have three billing contacts.
The service needs to be paid for via visa / mastercard / amex, I

This is our plan, and we think its a good one.  Thanks to Dave, David,
and Beth Lynn for donating their time to this project.


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