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Bryan J. Smith thebs413 at yahoo.com
Thu Aug 30 15:05:43 EDT 2007

Vance Kochenderfer <vkochend at nyx.net> wrote:
> I agree with Patrick - any of the topics is fine.  I'd suggest
> that Bryan pick whichever one he's most comfortable with putting
> together on such short notice.

Well, I'd be open to anything.

First off, I've _really_ been meaning to "assemble" (i.e., write) a
set of high-to-low level network object naming, authentication,
directory and file service documents.  So "assembling" the
"high-level" presentation would be a great start.

Recommended Knowledge Co-requisite:

One thing I regularly run into is that most people (especially MCSEs)
don't even understand how NTFS and NT domains (including ADS) work --
i.e., their serious issues and limitations.  That's why I wrote the
3-part "Interoperabil-Please" set back in 2005 on short-notice. 
Other than the availability of the new 3rd Generation (3G) FUSE NTFS
driver, most of it still applies.

NOTE:  I used to run my own servers (including having Subversion,
etc...), but some "unscrupulous" people have forced me to stick with
other, major providers (who they dare not attempt to mailbomb orhack)
so I just use Google for my blog and occasionally put things on

Secondly, I've written a number of basic disaster recovery
fundamentals, including dissecting the "basic" types -- on-line,
near-line and off-line -- which are often not the foci (but should
be) when you consider any strategy.  To that end, here are some
related, public documents ...

For more Enterprises:
"Dissecting Virtual Tape Libraries (VTLs):  

For more SOHOs (Blog Entry):  
"Common Sense Disaster Recovery Fundamentals"

Third, I started a blog article on Small-footprint x86 Embedded, and
meant to add some diagrams, but never finished it.  It was here ...

Fourth, I noted most of the other offerings went without comment. 
Here's my earlier Linux Certificate blog article:  

Lastly, and more of my "hobby" as of late, some of the newer RAW dSLR
photo file editing/modification features on Linux, Linux.COM just had
a recent article on the newest UFRAW 0.12:  
As well as general dSLR photography comments:  

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