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Bryan J Smith b.j.smith at ieee.org
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I don't know about "excellent," but you definitely pegged these will
be more like "braindumps," instead of hands-on/show'n tell.

If I had more time to prepare, I could do a bit more of the latter.
E.g., showing off some of the GUI for directory services,
on a working directory server (possibly a couple of clients running
under VMWare on the same system).

But this will be more "buzzword bingo" with some descriptions
and not-so-fancy block diagrams, so bear with me. :)

I'll see what I can crank out into a presentation the weekend.

Oh, one more presentation I hastily cranked out in 2005 for
another LUG, which was weel-received, was what I entitled,
"UNIX and Windows Interoperabili-please?!" which goes into
the major (and chronic in the case of Windows) differences in
implementation, including core design flaws of Windows like NTFS
(I.e., Windows systems can't safely reads NTFS filesystems either),

That's always a good, first "deprogramming" for anyone on
Heterogenous networks.

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Hello Everyone,

It definitely seems as though Bryan is prepared to provide an excellent 
brain-dump on the subjects he outlined.  I think best we take a quick vote for a 
topic, giving Bryan adequate time to prepare for next Saturday.  Bryan: since 
you are offering to present, you can make the final choice.

Topics under consideration:

- General Enterprise Authentication, Directory, File and Naming services
DK: +1

- A survey of Enterprise and SOHO disaster recovery strategies

- Small-footprint x86 hardware considerations for Linux appliances
DK: +1

Dave Kraus

Bryan J. Smith wrote:
> First off, you'll find when I approach something, I like to be
> all-encompassing.  I.e., I typically have a 3-prong approach ...
> 1.  Market-deprogramming
> I break down "products" into "technologies" and "solutions."  It's
> essential to understand the full spectrum of technologies and solutions.
> That's the only way you know if a product will work or not work for your
> organization.  Especially in the "open systems" world where you often
> use multiple services/solutions.
> 2.  Enterprise best common practices (BCP)
> The essential do's and dont's in an enterprise.  I still find way too
> many enterprises don't know what they are doing.  E.g., for disaster
> recovery, the question isn't "Is tape good or bad?  Should I be using
> disk instead?"  The question is, "Am I addressing on-line, near-line and
> off-line recovery -- all 3 -- correctly, and if not, how should I?"
> You'd be surprised how _inexpensive_ it is to "do it right" and it's
> _cheaper_ than how most do it when they are not addressing near-line
> and/or off-line correctly.
> 3.  The SOHO cheat sheet to enterprise on a budget
> How to implement sound solutions without spending much.  Many SOHO
> solutions cost way too much and do too little.  There are sound SOHO
> solutions and practices that people don't even think of.  E.g., with
> regards to storage, I've also seen departments that use USB and other
> storage and then wonder why their servers are not reliable and crash
> regularly.  Simple practices.
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