[wplug-plan] September speaker

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Thu Aug 30 08:40:28 EDT 2007

Hello Everyone,

It definitely seems as though Bryan is prepared to provide an excellent 
brain-dump on the subjects he outlined.  I think best we take a quick vote for a 
topic, giving Bryan adequate time to prepare for next Saturday.  Bryan: since 
you are offering to present, you can make the final choice.

Topics under consideration:

- General Enterprise Authentication, Directory, File and Naming services
DK: +1

- A survey of Enterprise and SOHO disaster recovery strategies

- Small-footprint x86 hardware considerations for Linux appliances
DK: +1

Dave Kraus

Bryan J. Smith wrote:
> First off, you'll find when I approach something, I like to be
> all-encompassing.  I.e., I typically have a 3-prong approach ...
> 1.  Market-deprogramming
> I break down "products" into "technologies" and "solutions."  It's
> essential to understand the full spectrum of technologies and solutions.
> That's the only way you know if a product will work or not work for your
> organization.  Especially in the "open systems" world where you often
> use multiple services/solutions.
> 2.  Enterprise best common practices (BCP)
> The essential do's and dont's in an enterprise.  I still find way too
> many enterprises don't know what they are doing.  E.g., for disaster
> recovery, the question isn't "Is tape good or bad?  Should I be using
> disk instead?"  The question is, "Am I addressing on-line, near-line and
> off-line recovery -- all 3 -- correctly, and if not, how should I?"
> You'd be surprised how _inexpensive_ it is to "do it right" and it's
> _cheaper_ than how most do it when they are not addressing near-line
> and/or off-line correctly.
> 3.  The SOHO cheat sheet to enterprise on a budget
> How to implement sound solutions without spending much.  Many SOHO
> solutions cost way too much and do too little.  There are sound SOHO
> solutions and practices that people don't even think of.  E.g., with
> regards to storage, I've also seen departments that use USB and other
> storage and then wonder why their servers are not reliable and crash
> regularly.  Simple practices.

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