[wplug-plan] September speaker

Bryan J Smith b.j.smith at ieee.org
Tue Aug 28 12:44:46 EDT 2007

I'm in town the weekend of 9/8, so I can present something.

I can do ...

- An overview of most Linux Certifcations (all but Novell)

- General Enterprise Authentication, Directory, File and Naming services

- A noob-level Digital Photography with Digital SLRs under Linux

- Cross-compiling and multi-targetting Toolchains (although seems redundant,
given the meeting we had July 14th)

- Small-footprint x86 hardware considerations for Linux appliances

- Enterprise Network installation/boot/configuration management with
Red Hat Anaconda, YUM, etc...

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Any ideas for a speaker for the September 8th meeting?  I've contacted several folks on our list and have not had any success.



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