[wplug-plan] ... on the new penguin (WPLUG server that is)

Duncan Hutty dhutty at ece.cmu.edu
Mon Jan 23 11:11:19 EST 2006

Bill Moran wrote:
> I've taken on the chore of getting the new WPLUG server ready to take
> over the mailing list && web site.
> I'm pretty short on a lot of information.  I'll do the bullet list thing:
> 1) Does the Internet committee have a mailing list?
> 2) Can someone please get me the output of "rpm -qa" on the existing
>    penguin.
> 3) Anyone who knows of any software on penguin not installed as RPMs,
>    please speak up.
> 4) Can I get a list of data that needs transferred.
> 5) Anyone know how to get this &%*$#@ gateway to boot off a CD?

wplug has a new server? neat. oh, except it's a '&%*$#@ gateway'.
Where is it going to live? I can offer a spot in ECE's machine room, if 
I'm (somewhat) involved.

Do you want help setting it up for service? I had originally talked to 
BLE about taking this over some time ago, but if you want to, that's 
fine by me. Perhaps a joint effort would be useful.

presumably you've tried various f-keys, escape and delete to get into a 
boot menu/bios?
Duncan Hutty
System Administrator, ECE
Carnegie Mellon University

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