[wplug-plan] topic needed for January 21 - Linux on ppc anyone?

Beth Lynn bethlynn at wplug.org
Mon Jan 2 21:58:19 EST 2006


As far as I know we still need a topic for the January 21th GUM. If you 
have something that you want to learn about, please suggest it and we 
might find someone who can present on it. If you would like to present on 
something, please speak up now!

If I may put in a request for someone else to speak, I would like to learn 
more about Linux options on a powerpc platform. Jeez I have lots of 
How do I shirk my MacOSX partitions to prepare for a dual-boot? What 
distro options are available?
What is the status on IBM pSeries + Linux?
Can anyone tell me more about ppc64 + Linux?
Is anyone doing anything cool with small ppc boards? ie 

Beth Lynn

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