[wplug-plan] Problem with rude audience members at recent talks

Zachary Uram netrek at gmail.com
Wed May 4 00:55:16 EDT 2005

If the context were a business meeting and the individual kept loudly
interrupting and/or challenging a speaker I daresay they would soon
get a pink slip if that rude behaviour persisted. I do not have a cell
phone and yet I must put up with numerous cell phone rings at the
classical music concerts, university lectures, and seminars I attend.
I for one am thouroughly sick of this intrusion.Doesn't anyone learn
basic social manners and decorum anymore? I think this problem is
rooted in narcissism. Same thing with those shouting at the speaker
and interrupting them. Their desire to get THEIR point of view heard
right then is penultimate. Nevermind that they are annoying those
around them, interfering with the speaker's ability to communicate. As
long as they get to say what THEY want then all is well in their mind.
Such a selfish mentality. Disgusting! Bring back public floggings :)



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