[wplug-plan] job postings - do they have a place on wplug lists

Duncan Hutty duncanhutty at comcast.net
Tue May 3 19:09:00 EDT 2005

As usual, Mark Dalrymple wrote words of wisdom:

>>Job postings - Do they have a place on wplug lists?
>I think it'd be a good service for Our Community, and also help Linux / OSS
>evangelism by showing that it is possible to make some mon-ay with it.
The rest of what he said was good too, but I shan't quote it all.

My opinion is that a wplug-jobs list would be useful to many wplug 
members and cannot be harmful to others, is at least arguably on topic 
for the mission of wplug and will not have any marginal cost for wplug. 
In summary, let's do it.

So now we have to decide how to do it.
I think for a job list we will garner lots of spam job postings 
(off-topic) if we allow unmoderated posting to the list. I don't think 
that only allowing subscribers to post makes much sense either; the 
employers want to see resumes and candidates, not other job postings or 

There is no point in being just a 'me too'. WPLUG, indeed, any 
organisation should have a mission and characteristics that distinguish 
it somewhat from others that are similar. In my opinion, postings to 
wplug-jobs should be in some way related to linux/F/OSS and in the 
western PA area, and I don't see any reason to refuse short contracts 
and many of our members are freelancers/running consulting companies and 
will likely be interested.

I will offer to extend my moderation services from wplug@ to wplug-jobs@ 
for such a list. I would usually expect to be able to clear the queue in 
a maximum of one business day.

Duncan Hutty

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