[wplug-plan] Problem with rude audience members at recent talks

Mark Dalrymple wplug at badgertronics.com
Mon May 2 20:30:45 EDT 2005

wmoran> I aplogize, as I was guilty of making a few unauthorized comments as well.
wmoran> While this doesn't seem bad on the surface, if everyone in the audience
wmoran> made one or two comments, the speaker would never get to speak.

eksotrso> This is something I'm a little hazy on, myself.

eksotrso> I was another one who was making comments. If I got on anyone's
eksotrso> nerves, I am sorry. All of my comments and outbursts were in support
eksotrso> of the speaker, and I never intended to grate on anyone.

nah, it wasn't you two.  A couple of comments from a quick wit like
you two is no problem (and usually what ya'll have to say is
entertaining).  It's when it goes on, and on, and on, getting longer
and longer that it becomes a problem.

I have a tendancy to bring these folks out of the woodwork.  When you
have a spare hour at a GUM, I'll tell you of the horrors of the
audiences at movies and symphony concerts I've been to in the 
last ocuple of years. (and redtoade even witnessed one of these)

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   ability to remember the Spanish word for spoon. The Desperanto theory
   is that any combination of Romance languages, when spoken in earnest
   and with a smile, will be understood by people around the
   Mediterranean. Amazingly it works well, even better than speaking
   English slowly and loud."
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