[wplug-plan] minutes from 1/17 planning meeting

Beth Lynn bethlynn at wplug.org
Tue Jan 27 19:01:53 EST 2004


As a "hot topic" at the 1/17 GUM we had a planning meeting.
Excuse my slack but I never got around to posting the minutes until now.


Beth Lynn

I Meetings
A. two upcoming meetings are in Newell Simon 1305 and
not 1507 so we will need a little extra help...

Feb 7th - Novell Talk
* Brian Sammon volunteered to be room babysitter
* co-host and pizza troll is needed
Feb 21 - Revolution OS movie
* Jonathan Billings volunteered to be room babysitter
* co-host needed to aid in post movie discussion

B. Phone interruptions
Several folks complained that the phone ringing during the talk was
very distracting. During future meetings we will encourage people
to use the phone in room 1505 instead. The number is 8-7564

C. Advertising
	We should advertise upcoming WPLUG events.
	Duncan volunteered his wife handle the design
	Beth Lynn will provide content and production
	Brian Sammon and Jack Earl volunteered to distribute
	A deadline to have a real flier was set as Jan 23
	(Beth Lynn did not get together the content in time so this is
	still pending!)

II Other Advertising

A. Computer Show appearance
To pull this off we'd better make a full effort to do this right
form a committee.
Rules: 	Those who volunteer must stay at table for their shift
	KISS - Keep It Simple Stupid
	We can have free stuff but we must not sell anything

B. Business Cards
	WPLUG needs a business card that we can leave places and
	give to people that we talk to about WPLUG.
	Jonathan had a suggestion for a possible free business card 
	printer. Beth Lynn will follow up.

C. Geek night appearance
	Does it cost anything to be a "co-sponsor" of geek night?
	It couldn't hurt to bring some fliers to give to people you
	talk to at geek night.

III Newsletter

Jonathan recommended that we start a newsletter.
Content would be LUG news, Linux news, M$ and SCO bashing, local tech news, 
book/product reviews, simple how-tos, etc
We need an editor, regular contributors and one time contributors.
Something should be posted to the general list to spark interest.

IV WPLUG Government

Someone (I'm sorry I don't recall whom) had inquired if WPLUG has a
statement of intent. Beth Lynn responded that if it was anywhere it
would be in the bylaws. The bylaws disappeared from the website some
time ago.
It is an intension to find and review the bylaws this year
(They have since been found http://www.wplug.org/~bethlynn/bylaws.html)

V Future/Summer planning

We are booked to April 2004 for events but that leaves us a whole
spring and summer to plan. 
Since summertime tends to be slow we may consider a relaxed schedule.
May, July, and August we will have installfests as planned.
Sometime we should have a picnic that folks will actually attend
It would be nice to do a swap meet + include other computer clubs
Suggested topics: apache, Linux + music, desktop Linux usage for newbies

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