[wplug-plan] [Fwd: Feb. 7th Meeting]

Beth Lynn bethlynn at wplug.org
Tue Jan 27 16:39:54 EST 2004


Again, my apologies that you did not make it to meeting.
Thank you for contacting us and not giving up.

If it was a recent meeting that you attempted to attend, you might 
have read a lousy sign that I made, got confused and left.
We've been placing signs by the doors recently encouraging people
to call and someone will let them in. You may not have been aware
that there was a campus phone in the lobby there for this purpose.
Parties not wishing to attend our events would call and beg to 
be let into the building anyhow. We added a line to the signs saying
"If you are not here for WPLUG we will not let you in" I hope that
this didn't scare you off. If anyone has any ideas as to how to
improve these signs, please let me know.

Before attending the next meeting, please read the following directions

These directions have been updated along with a new phone number to call.

Starting the Feb 7th meeting, we encourage people to use this new number
 	(412) 268 7564
People complained that the phone rang too much during the presentation.
This new number goes to an adjacent conference room. The ring won't be
as loud and phone conversations will be more private.

We all try our best to remove confusion so we will try to correct it when
it occurs. I promise that once you find your way here once it won't be
so hard next time.

Hope to see you Feb 7th!

Beth Lynn Eicher
WPLUG Board Chair

On Tue, 27 Jan 2004, John Harrold wrote:

> | 
> | Max,
> | 
> | I'm terribly sorry that you found the door locked.  The Newel-Simon Hall
> | is a large building, and any time I've been there, most of the doors are
> | locked.  The back door (as shown on the map) is always open for LUG
> | meetings, but this can be difficult to find if you're not familiar with
> | the building.
> | 
> | There is a phone in the room where the meetings are held that you can
> | call if you're nearby and having trouble getting in.  I thought the number
> | was on the wplug web site, but I haven't been able to find it.  Perhaps
> | someone else can provide that information.
> i think this is the number:
> 412 268 7579
> according to this email:
> http://www.wplug.org/pipermail/wplug/2004-January/008949.html

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