[wplug-plan] Post-gazette interview

Beth Lynn bethlynn at wplug.org
Tue Jan 20 17:10:29 EST 2004


I'm sorry I wasn't clear before when I said someone may be coming from
Post-Gazette. She said that she might be stopping by but I guess she
couldn't make it for some reason. It really wasn't an interview. I think
she just was interested in meeting some Pittsburgh Linux geeks in their
natural habitat. The article is a work in progress that she's been 
researching for some time now. I do believe if something she wrote
was published she would have let me know.

Anyhow, I did send her mail inviting her to February's events
Novell's Linux Strategy 2/7 and
Revolution OS - Movie Matinee 2/21
(more info and specific pleas for help for these meetings will be
sent to -plan at a later time)

Henry- I did mention to her that you'd be willing to meet her at
Keva Han if needed since our room is sometimes hard to find.

Beth Lynn

On Tue, 20 Jan 2004, Bill Moran wrote:

> Henry Umansky wrote:
> > I apologize, I meant if, in future meetings, someone sets up another 
> > interview.  It could be possible that the person attempted to go to the 
> > tutorial but couldn't find the place.
> Ahh ... I'll contact her to see if this happened.
> But my offer still stands, if need arises.
> > 
> > -Henry
> > 
> > --On Tuesday, January 20, 2004 11:31 AM -0500 Bill Moran 
> > <wmoran at potentialtech.com> wrote:r
> > 
> >> Henry Umansky wrote:
> >>
> >>> I think finding 1507 Newel-Simon Hall is a deterrent.  Someone should
> >>> probably meet the lady at the Kiva Han, then walk to the meeting.
> >>
> >>
> >> Did I miss something here?  I didn't know there was a time she was
> >> scheduled to show up.
> >>
> >> I'd be willing to meet and greet, if there's a need.  Let me know when
> >> and where.

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