[wplug-plan] snow policy discussion

Beth Lynn bethlynn at wplug.org
Wed Jan 7 12:32:47 EST 2004


Since we had quite a snowstorm for the December 6th GUM, there
was discussion of having some sort of way to confirming that
the wplug meeting is still a go or if it is canceled.

Truthfully, I've got the key so if I'm late or completely snowed
in then the meeting is going to be postponed or canceled. Of course 
I will make my best effort to get in. I was on campus at 9am on 
Dec 6th so as long as the conditions are not much worse we should be ok.

It was proposed that we get phone number where a voice message would
pick up the phone so you could hear an up to date message. We have
not gone with this solution because of the expense (approx $15 a month
for a pager w/voicemail)

Here are my ideas to get the word out if snow conditions make meeting
1. On www.wplug.org, in the left column there is a list of types of
meetings along with the date and topic. IF the situation is questionable,
I will post something in the topic field that morning around 9am.
2. You can call the meeting room. Those who are there for the setup
crew show up around 9:30am. If someone answers the phone come on down.
If not, try again later. The meeting room number is 412 268 7579.
Please don't abuse that phone by calling it during times where wplug
does not meet. Those who have signed up to be a part of the setup 
crew have access to my cell phone number.
3. Login to the irc channel. 
/server irc.freenode.net
/join #wplug
Read the topic. See if anyone in the channel knows what's going on.
4. I'll post something to the -announce list as I did on December 6
on the day of at least a half hour before the meeting starts.

I wonder how other large clubs who open their doors to the public
handle such things. Perhaps it would be overkill to attempt to
contact radio/tv stations.

If you have any other creative ideas regarding cancellation and 
non-cancellation notices, please respond.

Beth Lynn

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