[wplug-plan] Programming suggestions

Bill Moran wmoran at potentialtech.com
Sun Dec 7 18:40:24 EST 2003

Elwin Green wrote:
> Dang it - I miss a meeting cuza snow, and that's the
> meeting where all the fun stuff happens (organizing,
> or trying to).

You didn't miss anything, it was intentional that everything
that went on would be posted on the list so nobody missed

> Anyway - I have two programming suggestions for 2004
> GUMs:
> A viewing of the movie "Revolution OS". It's a
> documentary about the development of Linux and the
> increasing impact of open source software. From what
> I've read, it's well-done. I'd like to see it, I don't
> want to watch it by myself, and my place isn't big
> enough to invite everybody over. But I'm guessing that
> folks would enjoy it, so I'm willing to rent the DVD
> and bring a DVD player to the GUM if someone can
> provide a monitor (or two?).

I like this idea a LOT.  Is there any way to make that
projector system run off a DVD player?

> A discussion of Linux from Scratch. This one makes me
> more nervous, but If James O'Kane still has those
> computers that were donated to the group, I think I'd
> like to grab one, use it for building linux from
> scratch according to the book and then do a
> presentation to the group about how it went.

This would be fun as well.

Bill Moran
Potential Technologies

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