[wplug-plan] Summary from today's GUM / Hot Topic

Rick Smith rick at rbsmith.com
Sat Dec 6 18:24:46 EST 2003


This is the notes I took today at the GUM featuring Bill Moran
talking about CVS.

Before the talk, there was a list of topics thrown out as possible
future talks:
	Mail Servers (not Sendmail because that is perceived
	as being too much for a new person setting up a simple server).

	PCMCIA - configurations
	Jump Drives (and related temporary installed devices)

Also before the talk was pointed out there currently is no
GUM Chair to keep manage the GUM talk pipeline and everything
else GUM.  (Where GUM is the monthly General User Meeting).

After the talk, in a Hot Topic session that followed the regular
talk, a smaller group convened to discuss organizational structure
of WPLUG.  Here are my notes:

Next Week: Mark Dalrymple tutorial on GNU debugger

	Co-hosting: Brian Sammon and Bill Moran
	It was suggested and decided that name tags are a good
	thing and that at least co-hosts should have name tags.
	Name tags should also include title and or area of interest
	Bill will handle name tags and requests being pinged
	if he's posted nothing about it by <some time -- 4 days?> before
	the next meeting.

Ability to cancel or confirm a GUM at the last minute.
	Dennis volunteered to gather information and report back.
	Possbilities are some type of possibly free or cheap
	voice mail service that people could call and hear
	whether there is a meeting that day or not.

	If you know of some service that might work for this,
	please let Dennis know.

	Dennis, please respond here with your email so people
	can contact you directly.  Thanks.

Needed: GUM Chair and Committee
	goals: to publish a schedule

Organizational Structure

	The rest of my notes have to do with discussion concerning
	what is WPLUG, what is the organization, and what are
	possibilities for improvement.

	Roughly, WPLUG is people interacting through:

	Mail lists: wplug, wplug-plan, ...
	IRC: #wplug
	GUM / tutorials

		Beth Lynn - Chair (current?  Or soon to be?
	                   my notes aren't clear there)
		Evan DiBiase
		Jeremy Dinsel
		James O'Kane
		Mark Dalrymple

	Improvements: there was discussion about how WPLUG organization
	could be improved to better meet the needs all the groups listed
	above.  I needed to leave at 2:00, and will leave it to others
	to recap, and continue the discussion in the wplug-plan list.

-- Rick

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