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David Ostroske eksortso at linuxmail.org
Tue Sep 17 00:32:52 EDT 2002

Hi Nick,

I'm not from Erie, but I am from Venango County, and return there fairly frequently.

I don't think it's escaped anyone here that there isn't much activity within WPLUG from the northwest. We just haven't had much of an opportunity to address expanding to the rest of western PA.

I'm copying this to the wplug-plan list; if you're not on this list already, it's worth joining. If you want to get a LUG up and running in Erie, we could help you get a leg up, and I'm willing to be a go-between between the LUGs.

--- David Ostroske
    eksortso at linuxmail.org

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Subject: [wplug] Erie Linux Users Group

> Greetings all,
> I was just wondering if there are any Erie people on the list?  If so and
> you would like to see an Erie Linux Users Group, tentatively titled,
> Northwest Pennsylvania Linux Users' Group, please send me an email at
> nwplug at mousepadmag.com.
> Moderator of the list:  I hope this isn't construed as spam since we are not
> selling anything, just trying to help our local tech community.
> Nick Iglehart
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> The Mouse Pad Magazine
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