[wplug-plan] installfest tutorials

James O'Kane jo2y at midnightlinux.com
Sat Jan 12 18:35:37 EST 2002

This was exactly meant to be tutorial-like, it was supposed to be 
hands-on, and was done in response to the appearent interest of the group 
to do something with clustering. A better way to do it would be as 
follows, using apache as an example.

The theme for the month of frobnor will be apache.
The GUM presentation will be how to compile and configure apache.
At the installfest, people are encouraged to help each other install 
apache, but it is not required, and perhaps at the end of the day, we can 
put the local URLs of things people setup with apache, a sort of show and 
tell. This would more one on one helping each other, or possibly 15 
minutes of someone in front explaining a common error.

The original plan was for Beth to be out in the big room and my stuff in 
the small room, but we switched at the last minute because we felt that 
more people had RSVP'ed the clustering stuff and would need more room.
The part that I felt was most disappoined about was that few people who 
expressed interest in clustering actually brought their machines as they 
said they would. I would have like it to be more of a hands-on thing, 
where we could try adding and removing people's nodes, and trying to 
configure some of the monitoring scripts, but again, the turnout did not 
meet the rsvp.


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