[wplug-plan] ORA and Lending Library

Robert Dale rdale at wplug.org
Thu Jan 3 22:41:32 EST 2002

On Thu, 3 Jan 2002, Landefeld, Alex wrote:

> I could be wrong...but I don't think that wplug should even try lending
> books.  

As interesting as it sounds, in practice I agree with Alex.

> I suggest that books either be included in raffles (he hasn't attended a
> meeting in years, and he still thinks raffles continue????   :), or we could

I like the raffles.  I think they work well at installfests.

> request that we trade services for books:  Someone takes a book for keeps,
> but is scheduled to talk on some aspect of the book at a future meeting,
> within 4 months.  This'll potentially guarantee speakers, as well as provide
> books to those who'll actually use them.   

Another approach is to have the speaker give a presentation on whatever
and then s/he can choose any one of the books.  Or make both options

Robert Dale

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