[wplug-plan] Adopting a Penguin

Evan DiBiase evand at wplug.org
Sun Oct 7 20:22:57 EDT 2001


At the last GUM, I jokingly suggested at one point that maybe we should
adopt a monkey at the Pittsburgh Zoo and name him "monkeybot". While I
wasn't really being (too) serious, I decided to look into the matter of
adopting an animal at the Zoo and found the following (from text located
at http://zoo.pgh.pa.us/adopt.html):

"Our Adopt An Animal Program allows you to take an active role in
furthering the Zoo and Aquarium's conservation efforts, and promote the
comfort and growth of your favorite Zoo & Aquarium animals. Like humans,
all the animals at the Pittsburgh Zoo & Aquarium have unique and
constantly changing needs. When you adopt, your gift helps provide for
the care, feeding and acquisition of Zoo and Aquarium animals. The Adopt
An Animal Program is one way of helping the Pittsburgh Zoo & Aquarium to
be the best possible place for the animals to live."

So, obviously, I thought about adopting a penguin, and it turns out that
the cost is pretty resasonable. The cost to adopt either a King or
Rockhopper penguin is $50. Monkeys are more expensive, and really don't
make sense unless you're Jeremy or an IRC regular ;-)

Any interest in this?


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